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Vogue article,
Feb 2002

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Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker,
("Sarah Jessica is fine, Sarah, SJP, SJ, hey you, anything.")
March 25, 1965
Nelsonville, Ohio, USA

Nickname: SJP

Height: 5'4"

Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio

Father: Stephen Parker; divorced

Mother: Barbra Forste

Stepfather: Paul Forste, account executive, former trucker

Timothy Britten Parker (aka Toby Parker), actor; and "Pippin" Parker, writer,director; cofounders of Naked Angels theater group

Rachel Parker, doctor

Younger half-siblings:
Andrew Forste, actor
Megan Forste, actor
Alegra Forste
Aaron Forste, model

Husband: Matthew Broderick, met 1991,
married May 19, 1997

Son: James Wilkie Broderick

Former beaux:
John F. Kennedy Jr.,
Nicolas Cage,
Robert Downey Jr.

    Sarah Jessica Parker was born in Nelsonville, Ohio on March 25, 1965. Her parents divorced a year later, and her mother later remarried. A born entertainer, she appeared in her first television special, The Little Match Girl, when she was eight years old.
     In 1976, the family moved to New York, where Sarah Jessica played her first Broadway role in The Innocents, and later joined the cast of The Sound of Music. In 1979, she became the third girl to don the red dress as the lead in Annie, which she played for 12 months.
     The move west was made in 1982, and Sarah Jessica transferred to Hollywood High School, so she could take a role in the CBS sitcom Square Pegs.
     When Steve Martin cast her as the bouncy, vivacious beach babe, SanDeE*, in his film L.A. Story, the world noticed that Sarah Jessica had grown up, and since that time, she has enjoyed many roles in film, Broadway and Off Broadway productions, and on TV in the wildly successful series, Sex and the City.
     Currently Sarah Jessica lives in New York with her husband, Matthew Broderick, and their son, James.

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"We're like any married couple. We're not adorable. It's just that we're both kind of short, and that gets confused with adorability."
" But that's the great part of being an actress. It's like having illegal behavior sanctioned--I have to sleep with men on the show, and I have to smoke cigarettes on the show, and I have to wear revealing clothes. I'm so lucky."

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