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On her nude scenes in The Thomas Crown Affair... "It never really dawned on me that, gee, I'm 45 and I'm taking off my clothes. For me, it was a matter of living inside the character."

"Age helps. Hitting forty helped me. Marriage helps you tremendously, because you either die in marriage, or you make it. There's no in-between. I tell people who are about to get married, 'Oh, congratulations.' And the next thing out of my mouth is:'Get into therapy. Get into therapy before it falls apart. Learn how to communicate.'"

"My way of fighting, before I learned a different programming was 'You mother-- son of a--, I hate you. I want a divorce.' That's not really appropriate behavior. It would be better to say, 'I'm really, really angry. We're not going to solve it right now. We need a mediator.' Or you say, 'Let's talk it out. Here's how I feel.' I mean, who is taught that?"

"My dad left when I was two and I didn't see him again until I was seventeen. I was sitting there going, 'Let me play the record of Sleeping Beauty one more time.' [Sings] 'Some day my prince will come. . . .' I was like, 'Some day my dad will come back.'"

"I would love to work with kids in some way. I get so many letters from kids, especially teenagers. There are so many hurting teenagers out there who feel they have to look a certain way, they have to be thin or have big breasts. I tell them, 'Please, you are beautiful the way you are.' I'd like to work with kids who are having real identity crises. Kids say to me, 'I'm really glad you shared with me that when you were a teenager you really felt bad about yourself. And I'm glad you told me it's okay that I'm not skinny skinny because I never will be.' I look at this as a war. It's a really evil thing."

"The roles I've gotten haven't been phenomenal. I wish I could say I wake up every morning with a passion to do it. But acting allows me a certain platform, and the money's great and the people I meet [are] fascinating. Acting is the least of it because there's so much waiting around."

"The big deal was, 'You're older, and you got this part — you're 44, and you took your clothes off! Are you out of your mind?' For people not to see that I was totally suited for the role was insane. This [film] world is … about young women with older men, but I was absolutely right with Pierce Brosnan in terms of our ages. He's my contemporary."

"I didn't know how I was gonna make money. I had to pay the bills. I didn't want to act, but the door was open. I was a high-school drop-out, and there was nothing else I could do. People figured I couldn't act [just] because I modeled. 'Good!' I thought. 'That way, if I do anything, they'll think I'm a genius.' I was always a bit of a rebel with a street attitude."

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"I go back to my character in Tin Cup. I liked Molly because she was daffy and, at times, I am too. Half the time I don't know what the hell I'm doing, and the other half I've got it pretty together. There are times when you just get down, you feel like nobody likes you. We're in high school forever. It's just what we do with it. And hopefully, when you get older, what you do with it is, you recognize it."

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