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Milla Jovovich

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Milla Jovovich

Milica Natasa Jovovic,
Dec 17, 1975,
Kiev, Soviet Union, (now Ukraine)

Height: 5'8"

Home: New York City

Bogdanovitch Jovovich,
Serbian pediatrician. In 1994 her father was sentenced to a 20 year prison sentence for money laundering in connection with Russian organized crime. He served five years and was recently released.

Gallina Loginova,
famous Russian actress

Dating: John Frusciante, guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers and solo artist.

Luc Besson (married 1997, divorced 1999)
Shawn Andrews (married 1993, annulled after two months)

She released her first album at the age of 18, entitled The Divine Comedy ( EM Records)
       Only child of Russian stage actress Gallina Loginova and Yugoslavian pediatrician Bogie Jovovich, Milla was five years old when her family emigrated to Sacramento. Already a startling beauty at age 11, Jovovich began pursuing an acting career, but when her photograph reached the offices of the Prima modeling agency, a somewhat different career path began.
     Having gained international fame through modeling, Milla focused upon her original goal, making her screen debut in 1988's Two Moon Junction and starring in Night Train To Kathmandu. Her first commercial feature was 1991's, Return to the Blue Lagoon, and at 14, she was featured in Richard Attenborough's Chaplin.
     A student of voice and piano since a very early age, Jovovich bought her first electric guitar at the age of thirteen, started writing her first album at fifteen, and released that album to critical acclaim at eighteen.
     Putting aside her acting and modeling careers, Jovovich pursued a strenuous tour schedule through 1994 and the start of 1995. She was preparing to enter the studio to begin work on her second album when the opportunity to star in The Fifth Element arose. More recently, she starred in Resident Evil.
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Milla on TV

On Resident Evil..."I started out as a blonde lipstick-wearing girl with a cute jacket, and became a blonde, lipstick-wearing girl with a cute jacket carrying a gun."
"I just want to make one really good movie a year. And when I die, to know I was honest as an artist."
"I wish you could be successful without being famous."
--from an interview with

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