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Julianne Moore

Julie Anne Smith
December 3, 1961,
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

She changed her name because all forms of it were taken when she registered with the Actor's Guild. Moore is her father's middle name.

Nickname: Juli

Mother: psychiatric social worker

Father: military judge

Husband: Bart Freundlich

Son: Caleb Freundlich, born December 4, 1997

Daughter: Liv Helen Moore Freundlich, born April, 2002

John Gould Rubin;
Sundar Chakravarthy

     JULIANNE MOORE spent the early years of her life in over two dozen locations around the world with her parents, a psychiatric social worker and a military judge.
     She finally found her place at Boston University, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in acting from the School of the Performing Arts.
     After graduation, she found herself in Manhatten, where she also started her acting career, appearing in many off broadway plays.
     Later moving into daytime television, Moore appeared on The Edge of Night, and As The World Turns, which led to an Oustanding Ingenue Emmy Award in 1988.
     Moore appeared in many films, but wasn't well known until, in 1993, the blockbuster starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, The Fugitive, gave her a chance to play a short but critical role as Ford's co-worker at Cook County Hospital, Chicago.

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*Julianne on TV

"In grade school, I was a complete geek. You know, there's always the kid who's too short, the kid who wears glasses, the kid who's not athletic. Well, I was all three."

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