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"If you're an actor, and you're supposed to be in love with someone in a movie, I just think that sometimes, I guess maybe when you're less experienced, you start believing in this whole world. You think that it's real what you're acting out, and you want to do a good job so badly that, in your mind, you try to really convince yourself that it's real — when it's not. And you don't even know that person. You're just thinking about the movie and that character."

On growing up in the suburbs of L.A....
"Agoura was kind of like American Beauty, it was all appearances. There was, like, some code. I don't know who made the code, but everyone was trying to fulfill this model of what it is to be good or successful or cool. It was way conformist; people were just white, Republican, upper middle class--everyone was the same. The arts were not embraced. Now, it wasn't a bad place, I don't want to put it down, there were some great people there. I just wasn't really that kind of person, so I felt a little out of place."

"I think the celebrity stuff is really important. It helps support your real work. Anything that helps me get the jobs with good material is great. It's been a total change of everything in the past year, and it feels really great. I feel pretty down-to-earth about it, but I still want to enjoy it while it happens. I mean, you might as well."

How does Ed feel about seeing you in all of these erotic movies with so many cute leading men?
"Well, it's probably a little ego boost that he's got a sexy girlfriend. On the other hand, it's probably pretty aggravating, for sure. But luckily, it's not like the scales are imbalanced or anything. He's really sexy, and I like watching him. But it is kind of a double-edged sword. You like that they're really sexy within a movie, but you don't want them acting out sex scenes with someone else. But you're an actor and that's the reality. So, what else can you do?"

On Committment...
"You probably won't find me camping out across from some guy's house. I do think I'm a committed person, but probably not to the extreme. If some guy treated me like that, I'd just be, "Jerk." Ya know?"

On her first starring role in Committment...
"Yeah. It's really great to be given an opportunity where more is demanded of you. You have to work harder just to fulfill the needs of the script. In a lot of movies, you don't have to work every day--which is, sometimes, just the best thing ever. But there is something great about just working your butt off every day; when you fall asleep at night, you feel really good."

"As an actress, it's fun to do rageful things. Most of the parts I read are for girlfriends who are nagging, needy, and pathetic. They're all like 'Honey, stay with me! And don't endanger yourself! This movie is about all the exciting things that you're doing! I love you! Let's have a family together!' I just don't understand them. I have no idea where they're coming from."

Which was worse, getting your body covered in gold paint for that Details cover or being encased in fiberglass for that Lost in Space space-suit mold?
"The cover shoot was nothing! I guess because in the movie Goldfinger a woman died from being smothered in gold paint, people somehow think it is dangerous or uncomfortable. But it was so easy. It took, like, two seconds. It was just a powder-puff kind of thing you rubbed on, like finger painting. Of course, I felt a little cold and naked, but besides that, it was no big deal."

And what about the space-suit mold?
They covered my face with this plasterlike stuff. You can't see, and all you can think of is, I hope these guys keep the nose holes open so I can breathe!

On cutting the love scene by more than a minute in Two Girls and a Guy to change the rating from NC-17 to R...
"Don't you think the ratings board was unwarranted in its NC-17 decision? Maybe they don't like more natural love scenes, because this doesn't look like most movie sex, and perhaps they thought it was something new. Or maybe it was the oral sex--because it's a man to a woman. Is that bad? It seems like I've seen oral sex from a woman to a man in a movie, and that didn't seem to be a problem."

On the role of Annie in Twin Peaks...
"I just loved the show so much, and it was really exciting to think of being on it. And David Lynch was a nice person, as well as an interesting director. He makes you feel really welcome. A lot of directors are not as friendly to the actors as he is, so it's nice being around someone that friendly."

On wrinkles...
"Sometimes I do worry about it. But I kind of grew up as like an awkward kid. And I think you always sort of feel how you felt when you were a teenager. I don't know if it's true, but I've always felt like an awkward teenager. So I was kind of startled when people saw me as attractive. And I don't feel that way, I don't think that's really me. So I'm not like that horrified about getting wrinkles. I mean, I do think it will suck. But I don't see myself as like this beautiful, glamorous person. I just see myself as more like this nerdy geek that people think is attractive. So that's really cool!"

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I think that guys don't really realize that girls have a lot of similarities to them. Like they think that we're all these pure little things that never feel lustful. And I think that's. .. not true!
Graham was forced to turn down the lead role in Heathers (1989), because her parents thought the language was too risqué. She is now estranged from them... "Well, my dad was an FBI agent, and both are sort of religious. They support me, but I think they like to watch different kinds of programs than what I usually like. But I'm at the point where I'm an adult, and I can't really worry about what they'll think."

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