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Amy Smart was born March 25, 1976, in Topanga Canyon, northwest of Hollywood. Amy's dad, John, was a salesman. Her mother, Judy, worked at the J. Paul Getty museum. She has a younger brother, Adam, who is an aspiring actor. She was known as a tomboy as a youngster and was the only girl on her Little League baseball team.

She started dancing at three, modeling at age 13, and, inspired by the success of a friend, tried an acting class just to see how she liked it. She liked it a lot and soon got a role in MTV's 1994 "Rock The Vote" campaign, in which she played a strung-out supermodel. She had her first big hit with 1999's "Varsity Blues" and then moved into the TV series "Felicity."

More movies followed and Amy is now enjoying ever increasing celebrity. Although her roles in Varsity Blues and Outside Providence displayed her acting skill and her sweet girl next door innocence, it was her first nude scene in Road Trip that really got some attention. Amy then appeared in Rat Race, Sorority Rule and Interstate 60.

Amy is a spokeswoman for the non-profit group "Heal The Bay", which is devoted to cleaning up the Santa Monica Bay.

"I would say that the most memorable, wonderful memories I have were probably before 12," Amy says. "I just have so many fond memories, you know, where you just kind of like a boy for the first time or you get your first bike or you're in the talent show with all your friends. I had so many fond memories when I was younger, but as I'm getting older it seems to be getting tougher and tougher. But I have to say, probably when I'm about 30 I'll be pretty, not settled, but happy with what I've accomplished so far. I'm happy where I am now."

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"Everyone has bad habits. Probably procrastinating is my worst. I get so mad at myself for doing it, too."

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